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S Residences is located in the progressive city of Pasay, S Residences is minutes away from the Makati Central Business District and Bonifacio Global City, the Ortigas CBD, and Quezon City in the North. 

The Right Address

Living in near the Mall of Asia doesn’t have to be expensive. You can have the lifestyle of your dreams without being a millionaire. All it takes is a condo at S Residences in Pasay City. Be where the action is for a fraction of what you may think it costs.

Pasay City is the 3rd smallest “city” in the National Capital Region. Known as “The Travel City,” Pasay contributes to the economy of Metro Manila in many ways. Mostly, it’s known for its entertainment options. Whether it’s shopping, gambling, fine dining, or nightlife; Pasay City has it all.

So tourism is its main attraction, but as with all tourist cities, other industries are needed to support the trade. Housing developments, public services, health facilities, and education are all needed for the well-being of the people that live and work in such an environment. And the facilities in Pasay City are world-class, making Pasay one of the most popular places to live and work in Metro Manila.


Many legends exist on how Pasay got its name. The least likely, but most romantic is the tragic tale of two lovers. Not long after Spain claimed the Philippines for its own, a rich family was giving a large land grant from the Spanish monarchy and built a grand hacienda in which to raise the next generations.

Into one of those generations, a daughter was born. They named her Paz. She was beautiful, kind, and well educated. She was also expected to make a grand marriage with a son of rich family. But her heart belonged to Joe, a handsome, but poor tenant worker on her father’s land. Meeting in secret, they fell in love and pledged to marry. However, they wanted her family’s blessing. Joe approached Paz’ father and asked for her hand in marriage.

Outraged, her father forbade the match. His daughter was meant for better than a worker with no money or prospects. Paz was no longer allowed to see or talk with her beloved. As a result, she fell into a deep despair and, eventually died of a broken heart.

Dignitaries and important families from near and far attended the funeral. Even though Paz wished to marry beneath her station, her family loved her. The service was somber and Joe was allowed to attend, although he stood far away from the crowd. Mournful and bitter, he vowed that if he couldn’t live with her on earth, he would spend eternity with her in death.

In the dark of night, after the funeral guests had retired, Joe dug a tunnel to Paz’ body.  When he finally reached his love, heartbroken, he cried out “Paz-ay!” in a voice loud enough to be heard in the hacienda, then died, fulfilling his vow to spend eternity with his love. Upon hearing his cry, the grief-stricken parents named their land Paz-ay. Eventually, the area became the city of Pasay.


With a legend like that, it is easy to see why Pasay City has become the entertainment capital of Metro Manila. S Residences, an SMDC project, takes the convenience of fun into account by offering an oasis of gracious living in an urban environment, all at an affordable price. This allows you to enjoy living in a place where this fun is a daily part of your busy life.

Historical and cultural centers are not far from your condo. Casinos and nightlife are waiting just for you. A short metro ride away is the Manila Cathedral. A visit is great to celebrate the history of the Philippines. The Rizal Memorial Sports Complex offers several sports venues for every fan. Take in a football game or swimming match.

The casinos of Roxas Boulevard offer nightclubs to dance the night away. Play a hand of Black Jack or bet on red at the Roulette table. Treat that special someone to a beautiful dinner at a fine dining restaurant. All this conveniently located close to your new home.

Mall of Asia

Located in the Mall of Asia’s business complex, S Residences knows that families and professionals alike, need to blow-off steam and reduce the stresses of every day life. The Mall of Asia offer something for everyone and it’s all within walking distance. With over 600 stores, a day of retail therapy will rejuvenate you. Whether you are looking for that show-stopping dress or the latest style of jeans, you’ll find it, along with shoes, make-up and a bag to complete the outfit.

Rather see a movie, the Mall of Asia has one of the most advanced theaters in the world. Offering Imax with a 4D cinematic experience (the first theater in the country to offer it) and the opulent Director’s Club with reclining seats and butler service, the theater immerses you in the movie experience. Why just watch the movie when you can be part of it instead?

Maybe exercise is your thing. What better way to get fit and have fun than ice skating? And the Mall of Asia offers both. Take your family to the Olympic-sized ice rink and make memories watching your little ones learn to skate. Want to see their eyes get even bigger? The rink is also used for skating competitions. Wait until they see a Biellmann spin or a triple axel jump for the first time. Don’t worry if figure skating isn’t your thing. Hockey games are played regularly on the rink, too!

Of course, the restaurant offerings at the Mall of Asia have something from everyone. From Krispy Kreme donuts, cafés and other American-type fast food, to fine dining options, like the Movie Stars Café, you can find any type of cuisine from any country to tickle your fancy. Some of the restaurants even deliver. Fun is just around the corner when you live at S Residences.


  • Mall of Asia
  • City of Dreams
  • PAGCOR Casino
  • Various Restaurants
  • Rizal Memorial Stadium
  • Manila Zoo
  • Manila Ocean Park
  • WTC Bazaars
  • Star City

Cultural / Government Landmarks

  • CCP
  • Manila Yacht Club
  • Baywalk Sunset Market
  • Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
  • US Embassy


  • National Shrine Mother of Perpetual Help Redemptorist
  • Shrine of Jesus the Way
  • Baclaran Mosque
  • United Evangelical Church


  • San Juan De Dios Hospital
  • Manila Hospital
  • Philippine General Hospital


  • De La Salle University
  • College of St. Benilde
  • St. Scholastica's College
  • Little Archers Learning Center, MOA
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